Swap the UK for Australia - Embrace the perfect work-life balance down under.

Combine global work exprience with international travel without committing to full on emigration – explore Australia for 1 or 2 years.

Recent changes in Australian visa rules have opened up exciting opportunities for UK citizens under 35. With ease, you can now work and travel Down Under for up to 2 years. Curious if you qualify? Discover more details at

If you meet the criteria, continue your professional growth in insolvency amidst the vibrant Australian market, basking in sunshine near pristine beaches
Australia is witnessing a surge in demand for both full-time and contract insolvency professionals, making this the perfect time to make the move. Insolvency Talent, Australia’s premier recruiter in the insolvency and restructuring sector, seeks top-notch UK insolvency accountants to fill dynamic roles in the Land Down Under.
Eager to learn more? At Insolvency Talent, we align the finest companies with the globe’s elite insolvency talent, making a real impact on individuals facing bankruptcy and companies navigating insolvency or restructuring challenges.

Why consider making the leap with Insolvency Talent to Australia?

**Joining an Elite Community:**

Become part of Australia's most esteemed insolvency accountants, collaborating across diverse practices, from startups to enterprise-level companies.

**Money Matters:**

Wondering about potential earnings? Explore our salary guide based on your experience and level.

**Speedy Job Placement:**

Share your background, skills, and qualifications, and we aim to secure you an interview within days.

**Seamless Transition:**

Once you land the role, the process is straightforward – apply for your visa, hop on a plane, and start enjoying work and life down under.

**Being Part of the Insolvency Talent Community:**

- Personalized Support: Our team, many have already made the move from the UK to Aus, is committed to providing support, information, and tools for your Australian adventure.
- Exclusive Networking: Attend invite-only events to connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.
- Continuous Learning: A platform for personal and professional development.

**Why UK Insolvency Accountants Choose Australia?**

- Accelerate career growth by collaborating with clients from diverse industries.
- Add valuable international experience to your CV.
- Enjoy a higher earning potential compared to the UK.
- Embrace the Australian lifestyle, weather, and the opportunity to combine work and travel.

**Experience Australia:**

Visit our Sydney head office, where you're welcome to utilize our facilities and get a taste of the Australian work culture.

**Global Experience:**

Combine global work exprience with international travel without committing to full on emigration - come for 1 or 2 years and 'try before you buy'!

**Clients You'll Work With:**

- Big 4 Consulting Firms
- Established Accounting firms with insolvency divisions
- Specialist, national Insolvency-only firms
- Super high-growth Insolvency startups
- Boutique insolvency firms

**Next Steps:**

1. Share your CV or LinkedIn profile.
2. Schedule a call to explore the possibilities.
Discover your one-way ticket to Aus and let Insolvency Talent guide you towards an exciting career chapter in Australia!