Insolvency Australia maintains its own database of Insolvency Practitioners. In order to offer users of this site useful information to allow comparison between insolvency practitioners, data is sourced, collated and curated by Insolvency Australia from a number of locations, including but not limited to the following:
ASIC – Australian Securities & Investment Commission
The core data collected includes:
  • Name
  • Registered Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Principal Place of Practice
  • Region (State)
The link to the ASIC website for more information is:
Please note the following disclaimer from ASIC in relation to the list available in the above link:
ASIC has prepared these composite lists of registered liquidators by region from information held on ASIC’s Register of Liquidators.
ASIC updates these lists regularly to reflect changes that occur to the Register of Liquidators. The date of the last update is shown above. You should check ASIC’s Register of Liquidators via ASIC Connect before acting on the information in these lists.
These lists should not be taken as ASIC endorsing or recommending any particular registered liquidator.
Section 1274B of the Corporations Act 2001 [Use, in court proceedings, of information from ASIC’s national database] does not apply to these lists.

AFSA – Australian Financial Security Commission


The core data collected includes:

  • Name
  • Registered Number
  • Date first registered
  • Company
  • Principal Place of Practice
  • Region (State)

The link to the AFSA website for more information is:

The data published by these bodies is updated a number of times each year, and Insolvency Australia cross-references against these data sets regularly.

Insolvency Practitioners


Each Practitioner has the opportunity to review their profile information, to alert Insolvency Australia of any errors, and to supplement their profile by subscribing to and Enhanced or Elite profile with additional marketing information that may or may not include, for example, any of the following:

  • Operating states
  • About Me (bio)
  • Professional Memberships
  • Corporate Services offered
  • Personal Services Offered
  • Industry Sectors
  • Web address
  • Social Media links
  • etc

The marketing content on each of the Insolvency Practitioners’ own marketing profile can be managed and published by themselves and they are responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the data.



Neither ASIC/AFSA nor Insolvency Australia offers any warranties as to the validity or accuracy of the information as published by the Insolvency Practitioners on the Insolvency Australia website, nor indeed do they offer any endorsement.

From time to time, ASIC and AFSA, may separately impose conditions on, suspend or cancel the registration of a Liquidator or Trustee. When Insolvency Australia is aware of these changes in status, it will remove the details of the practitioner from the Insolvency Australia website.

Any 3rd party engaging with any Insolvency Practitioner should make their own inquiries before entering into any contract or appointment.

Should you have any queries on the data or profiles of any Insolvency Practitioner, please contact Insolvency Australia: